hi folks!

[ last update: january 30th, 2002 ]

      Time goes by so incredibly fast! the six months I was able to spend in the US have gone by fast...too fast!
I left on July 28th (2001) for a six months internship in Rochester NY, without really knowing what I will do there and how it will be to spend such a "long" time in the states.
Well, after the first moth has gone by in no time I learned that the "long" stay wasn't realy that long. Six months is absolutely nothing when you live in a foreign country...unfortunately. Now that I am back in Germany I can't believe that it really was half a year I was away.
To make a long story short: it was great! I would even go further and say "It was the best time of my live!". Everybody who has the chance to work in another country then his own for some months or even one or two years should absolutely do it. What sounds like a long time actually goes by incredibly fast. If I would have had the choice to stay longer I would have stayed for another six months or even a year...unfortunately I had to leave for two reasons...

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